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Argento Audio is the very first brand of AE. We met Ulrik Madsen almost 2 decades ago when he was still a lawyer in Denmark. When we commenced our relationship, the foray of the “Serenity Master Reference” cable in Hong Kong sparked off an intense debate over the role of cables in a system.  It was a time where an artificial inflation of mid-range warmth was the only game in town. Argento, however, excelled in contour resolution with respect to “the shape of sound”. The clarity of Argento cables immediately translated into a cult fan base, subsequently gaining an important position in the industry with the introduction of the “Flow” series of 2008/09.  Even after a decade, the Flow series is still selling well. Many newcomers find it hard to believe the Flow series has been around for 10 years, given that the resolution of these cables are still better than most new boutique cables.  In 2016, the FMR Extreme Edition (FMR EE) series was introduced. These have come to be the de facto “Reference-of-the-Reference” for the most critical of audiophiles.

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Given numerous humble works I had done over the past few years, it is about time to make a profile video of my company.  The aim is to internationalise the company brand to broader audiences. 

The world should know more about my tremendous amount of intellectual effort put forth in the art and science of recreating the soul of musicians. 

Please come travel a Time Machine with us in Hong Kong and Singapore to reach any music on any recorded medium. 

Chris Leung 

Happy Holidays from the AE Group!