Robert Gaboury was an architect before he started Arteluthe in Quebec, Canada. In fact, the aesthetic of his speakers reflects an arts-based background. This is a company that specialises in speaker design not only as a house brand but also as a designer for other manufacturers. He also consults for musical performances and art installations.  To Robert, good sound happens when one’s ‘analysis-mode of the brain’ is completely switched off to accommodate an emotional journey. For Robert, a loudspeaker is an object of Art. It’s a sculpture, a vector of beauty. His Stiletto speakers were an instant hit when AE brought it to HK in 2020. The gigantic soundstage it projects alongside tremendous energy in the lower octaves are contradicted by the relatively diminutive physicality of the Stilettos.

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We had a fabulous session with Elliot Leung at Divin Lab sharing his composition journey of his seminal Metaverse Symphony No.1. He taught us how to appreciate symphonic music and shared so much in-depth music knowledge. We were so impressed and had learnt so much from him.  #audioexotics #elliotleung #symphony #classicalmusic