Audionec is a new partner of AE.  We appreciate the modular concept of Audionec’s EVO series.  As pictured, the EVO 2 houses a super tweeter and an active subwoofer to recreate the extension of frequency and energy that are similar to much larger systems but in a far more compact package.   EVO 2s can easily be placed in residential apartments, with a roadmap to build upon should the listener progress to becoming an audiophile of ‘completist’ standards.  The dipole design guarantees a wide sound field that is full of musical energy delivered passionately, that is cushioned by deep bass and elevated by enchanting high-frequency harmonics.

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Given numerous humble works I had done over the past few years, it is about time to make a profile video of my company.  The aim is to internationalise the company brand to broader audiences. 

The world should know more about my tremendous amount of intellectual effort put forth in the art and science of recreating the soul of musicians. 

Please come travel a Time Machine with us in Hong Kong and Singapore to reach any music on any recorded medium. 

Chris Leung 

Happy Holidays from the AE Group!