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Dalby Audio Design


Lee Dalby is a quiet man with exquisite tastes, a demanding aesthetic and meticulous engineering ethic that serves the highest end of audio reproduction. The Pirueta record weight best illustrates the type of perfection Lee pursues. Adding weight to vinyl has traditionally compromised a sense of openness for stability. Neither could co-exist until the birth of the Pirueta. Lee spent years to achieve this. His attention to details is second to none, also scaling downwards to the entry series, Meda, which consists of ethernet, ground, and power cables.  The Dalby Meda ethernet cable is probably the de facto reference in the extreme Computer Audio Source segment both in Hong Kong and China.  When one receives a Dalby product, there is also this exquisite personal touch that exudes from his thoughtful packaging that includes his own signature as a personal endorsement and well-wishes. Lee Dalby’s flagship series – Kyuku – is permanently in application at Divin Lab, the flagship showroom of AE.

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Barbie Theme Song: “What I was made for” by Billie Eilish via APL GR-DAC and JMF Audio PRS 1.5 preamplifier and HQS 6002 stereo amplifier through the custom Cessaro Qian Long speakers. #billieeilish #barbie #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics #jmfaudio
Goebel Divin Nobleness (中神曲)with 岳飛 subwoofer. #audioexotics #goebelspeakers
Setting up a Legend - Akasu Elemento Analog Turntable by Lee Paul Dalby #audioexotics