Synästec Audio

Synästec Audio


Walter Weiss and Stefan Stotz of Synastec is a German Hi End company specialising in the precision aspect of Hi End audio reproduction. Their reference phono stage is an engineering tour de force because it achieves a record breaking S/N ratio akin to digital domain even if the step-up is approaching 80db for a low output cartridge. The resolution must be listened on site to experience, as there are no words available to describe the ultra silent background at such a high gain. The rest of the Synastec electronics share the same characteristics - silence, silence and more silence.

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We had a fabulous session with Elliot Leung at Divin Lab sharing his composition journey of his seminal Metaverse Symphony No.1. He taught us how to appreciate symphonic music and shared so much in-depth music knowledge. We were so impressed and had learnt so much from him.  #audioexotics #elliotleung #symphony #classicalmusic