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Vertere Acoustics


Touraj Moghaddam's global reputation in the field of vinyl analog playback is impeccable, given his multi-decade  experience in this field. His analog offerings are vast. This covers affordable but thoughtfully designed entry models to the extreme of the highest end.  Vertere is always rhythmic at the proper tempos. Bass delivery is always resolute and uncannily responsive. With Vertere there is always a momentum behind the delivery of energy that makes the presentation akin to that of a live event.  Vertere's wide range of cable and accessory offerings capture a large fan base from the CAS (Computer Audio Source) segment to the most hardcore of analog connoisseurs. Vertere takes care of everyone in all segments spanning from their Head-Fi range of cables to USB/Ethernet up to the flagship HB series that always finds respective followers.  Most importantly, Touraj is an iconic designer who travels extensively to meet many clients face to face. There is a very strong personal touch to this brand.  His knowledge and support are highly endorsed by many. Vertere's top analog turntable with reference arm and reference motor drive alongside the stage 1 isolation platform, permanently serves AE Sheung Wan. Vertere is also a prominent feature in AE Singapore, which features power cables, interconnects power distribution and the MG-1 and DG-1 turntables

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Happy Holidays from the AE Group!
We had a fabulous session with Elliot Leung at Divin Lab sharing his composition journey of his seminal Metaverse Symphony No.1. He taught us how to appreciate symphonic music and shared so much in-depth music knowledge. We were so impressed and had learnt so much from him.  #audioexotics #elliotleung #symphony #classicalmusic
It’s finally here, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the BIG REVEAL! After quietly launching almost a year ago, I’m thrilled to announce the official opening of Audio Exotics Singapore! This venture has been a true labor of love for both my team and me, and we believe we’ve crafted a truly unique haven in Singapore where you can immerse yourself in an extraordinary audio experience.

To kick off this exciting occasion, we’re hosting three workshops led by industry experts, each focused on different aspects: Noise Management, Acoustic Management and Network management.

11am Saturday 21 and Sunday 22
Noise Management – Chris Leung – Founder and CEO Audio Exotics Group

1pm Saturday 21 and 3pm Sunday 22
Acoustic Management – In the Conductor’s Seat : Adrian Lo – Founder and Principal Consultant Soundzipper

3pm Saturday 21 and 1pm Sunday 22
Network Management – Edison Wong – Founder and CEO Ediscreation

Please go to for more details. Hope to see you at our latest showroom soon!