Arya Audio RevOpod

Arya Audio RevOpod

About Arya Audio RevOpod

Arthur Marker is a rising name in the industry with a vibrant company. And at the 6th AE Super Hi End Audio Show of 2018, AE first introduced his Arya Audio brand to the general public.  AE identified the extraordinariness of these RevOpods, predicting it as an instant hit across the globe.  Its efficacy in audio, luxurious touches and reasonable price have proven thus.  What does it do? RevOpod is a marvel in micro-mechanical engineering; it allows expert control to condition mechanical vibrations that assail audio components. These are highly precise adjustments, bringing about unique audio improvements through bass extension and with it, contour resolution across the frequency spectrum. A comprehensive review can be found here: The RevOpods are in ready stock in both Hong Kong and Singapore.

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