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AE had the idea to ask Cessaro to design a horn tower with built-in active subwoofers, as this would be relatively easier to fit into the smaller homes of Hong Kong, (compared to the larger Beta system, for example). This gave birth to the Cessaro Lizst. The integrated solution resulted in a 4-way reference horn system which exudes an aura of individuality and sculpture. (The colour of the signature horn can be chosen to match any apartment to meet the best visual intention). We then wanted to push the envelope further, by using a 16” bass driver instead of the 12” inch for a better energy balance. The mid-range of the model Lizst is loaded via a gigantic horn, thereby directing a huge amount of energy more than the 12” bass driver. For superior driver integration, AE asked Ralph to design the Carmen Reference as a 4-way horn system. Carmen was premiered first in the 2nd AE Super Hi End Show, driven by the Robert Koda K15EX preamp and the Zanden Chouku monoblock amplifiers. The result shocked the audiences as the speakers filled up the 100 sqm (1000 sqft) room with abundant musical energy. Notably, Lincoln Cheng played the “PINE OF ROME” loudly, thereby evoking the system’s effortlessness in handling very complex structures at scale. As the Carmen system evolved, Ralph integrated an active field-coil bass driver to improve the extreme overall performance still further. Carmen is now the reference horn system of the Lux studio in AE Singapore.

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