Audio Exotics challenges the status quo; we set trends and benchmarks for ourselves and our clientele, so it is well worth traversing uncharted paradigms. By extension, we are continually challenging ourselves.

The Zanden Audio brand is a case in point.

Yamada Kazotoshi was commissioned to designed the cost-no-object single ended Chouku mono amplifier, housing one VTC 212 tube per channel with 300B tube with the driver stage complemented by FINEMET core transformers all through the amplifier.

Explained in terms of its reception, meaning, the first live demonstration of Chouku at the AE Super Hi End Audio show of 2014, Chouku was literally a revelation to all witnessing it. The Chouku drove the Cessaro Carmen 4-way horn system (an exclusive model for AE as well) with uncanny speed and control. Such clarity and resolution are simply unexpected from a tube amplifier. An instant classic, this amplifier is still widely sought by connoisseurs around the globe. Yamada-san of Zanden went on to create a number of super electronics for AE, and for some of AE’s most exclusive customers.

In the time since, AE has gone even further to cradle the most talented audio artisans from around the world. In 2016, we commissioned Lars Engstrom to build the flagship mono amplifier – the ERIC. It was presented at AE Super Hi End Audio Show that same year. The purity of tone of this amplifier captivated the hearts of many. 3 pairs of ERIC were delivered over the next 12 months. AE was instrumental in radiating the presence of Engstrom across Asia.

Also in 2016, Ralph Krebs of Cessaro designed the Qian Long speakers for us, housing field-coil mid-range/bass drivers. 4 pairs were sold in the next 6 months after they were demonstrated publicly.

Perhaps, the biggest shock from the long list of our exclusive creations was the commissioned Goebel Divin Majestic Speakers created by Oliver Goebel and unveiled at the 2017 AE High End Super Show. The gigantic presence of its physicality is quite a sight in itself but the musicality it conveys is even more tremendous. So inspiring was this to us that we went further to build a flagship showroom name around this marvelous speaker.

Extreme passion and investment, dear reader, is what makes us different from any other audio consultancy in the world!