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Consolidated Audio


Consolidated Audio is a specialized MC step-up transformer manufacturer established in Berlin, Germany in January 2018 by electrical and electronic engineer Michael Ulbrich. He worked as a software developer at the German Institute for Physics and Technology (PTB) from 1987 to 1999 after graduating from the University of Applied Sciences Liefeund Hochster, Germany. I fully understand why Stereophile included the Consolidated Audio’s exquisite SUT in the A-class phono amplifier category in the list of recommended devices for 2022. It elevates the joy of analog tremendously especially for those using low output MC cartridges which lacks power and agility. Yet It also enhances the aura of silence with finesse of tonal color and lyrical transients.

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Given numerous humble works I had done over the past few years, it is about time to make a profile video of my company.  The aim is to internationalise the company brand to broader audiences. 

The world should know more about my tremendous amount of intellectual effort put forth in the art and science of recreating the soul of musicians. 

Please come travel a Time Machine with us in Hong Kong and Singapore to reach any music on any recorded medium. 

Chris Leung 

Happy Holidays from the AE Group!