Durand Tonearms

Durand Tonearms


The Tone Arm by Dr Durand reliably delivers tremendous energy at the bottom end, which is the foundation of music. The mid range is rich and seductive. The high frequencies are smooth and yet extended. The use of audiophile jargon to describe his masterpieces may miss the true intention of his design philosophy. Dr. Durand himself has a classical composer background.  His works are the result of meticulous engineering principles executed in perfection to the service of music. And that's what the Durand Tone Arm is: musical.

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Given numerous humble works I had done over the past few years, it is about time to make a profile video of my company.  The aim is to internationalise the company brand to broader audiences. 

The world should know more about my tremendous amount of intellectual effort put forth in the art and science of recreating the soul of musicians. 

Please come travel a Time Machine with us in Hong Kong and Singapore to reach any music on any recorded medium. 

Chris Leung 

Happy Holidays from the AE Group!