Arya Air Blade Tweeter – Audio Exotics Product of the Year 2020

Arya Air Blade Tweeter – Audio Exotics Product of the Year 2020

About Arya Air Blade Tweeter – Audio Exotics Product of the Year 2020

The Air Blade is an engineering tour de force by Arthur Marker of Arya Audio.

To date, there is not a single high frequency drive unit that rivals the capability of Air Blade, if for one reason - frequency dispersion. As we know, dispersion narrows as frequency increases. The Air Blade augments any tweeters of any speaker because no tweeters achieve dispersion like it. Real musical instruments radiate 180 degrees. Pavarotti’s highest C note on record is just over 1,000hz. With Air Blade, the user has the choice of a range from 1KHz all the way to 18Khz. This new technology proves the “school of frequency extension” (as evinced by typical super tweeters or diamond tweeters) to be pursuing a somewhat of a futile cause.

Consider that the augmentation of the Air Blade to a pair of Cessaro Wagners delivers the massed strings of the Berlin Philharmonic with a real concert experience, reflecting the energy of sound and its reverberation, also offering understanding width and height of the venue.

Also, once you have a pair of Air Blades, the positioning of your main speakers is much easier.  It's really the lack of capabilities of the modern tweeters that complicate the task of speaker siting optimization. Simply connecting the AirBlades in parallel to your speakers, is a brilliant start to literally rediscovering your music collection!

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Divin Nobleness 中神曲with a pair of 岳飛 sovereign subwoofers at headquarter of Goebel in Germany.  #audioexotics #goebelspeakers
Last night, I was touched by the cooperative spirit of Elliot Leung (the composer), Henry Chu (digital artist) and the whole crew of HK Philharmonic.  The whole idea is creative in concept and innovative in execution.  The premier performance of Metaverse Symphony No.1 blended digital arts with classical orchestration in a very coherent storytelling manner.  The giant digital screen on top of the orchestra generates ever evolving digital images corresponding to the tempo (the mood) of the symphony.  It is abstract to a certain degree but it offers a graphical venue for me (audiences) to walk through the symphonic mindset of Elliot. The 1st movement is theatrically exciting. The 2nd is serene and beautiful. The 3rd is retrospective and inquisitive, and the 4th is flamboyant with a favor of Gustav Mahler. 
I was blessed to meet Elliot Leung at Divin Lab in Jan 2022.  I am honored that Audio Exotics played a small part in this magnificent program. Our society needs new ideas in order to move on to the next stage. The success of the Metaverse Symphony Number 1 will illuminate the hope of many dream-chasers out there with new ideas. 

Chris Leung 

當年情 in memory of Leslie Cheung renditioned by Grand Prix Audio’s Monaco 3.0 powered by battery.  The Thales Statement Arm is navigated by Fuuga 風雅 cartridge on the groove feeding to JMF Audio PHS 7.3 phono rendered realism in uncharted territory. 

Tripoint Troy NG, Subbase Vividus and Pranawire Nirvanda respectively mitigated ground noise, RF noise and AC noise, notwithstanding everything is connected to JMF Audio PCD102 AC conditioner.  The Dartzeel NHB-18NS preamp and Model 2 are heavenly matched to drive the Cessaro Qianlong to maximum potential. #audioexotics #lesliecheung