Dalby Akasu Elemento

Dalby Akasu Elemento

About Dalby Akasu Elemento

The Akasu Elemento (AE) project was initiated by Lee Paul Dalby from United Kingdom 5 years ago without any commercial considerations and third-party funding support. I was intrigued from the outset of this unique daring conception and closely followed its design and engineering progress ever since. It’s a freak of nature. A one of a kind. I proclaim it as the “Analog Turntable of the Century”. The goal is neither to claim it is the most expensive turntable in the world (there is not a price tag attached to it) nor whatever “the best” means. Indeed, the Akasu wasn’t made for resale. They will only ever be three: one for Lee, one for Chris of AE, and one for spare. The ordeal is to exemplify an attitude and a standard of extreme artisanal craftsmanship, to ascertain it a legend. The objective of the design is to resurrect the soul of artists through recorded music on vinyl without sonic coloration by the materials the turntable built upon. (Beware minimization of mechanical vibrations does not warrant the elimination of sonic signature of material from a lump of copper and aluminum). The engineering required to prove Lee’s philosophical goal is a gigantic undertaking never ever attempted by anyone hitherto. Lee counts on AE to unleash the full potential of it at Divin Lab. Dalby Audio Design and Audio Exotics shall make history.

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Given numerous humble works I had done over the past few years, it is about time to make a profile video of my company.  The aim is to internationalise the company brand to broader audiences. 

The world should know more about my tremendous amount of intellectual effort put forth in the art and science of recreating the soul of musicians. 

Please come travel a Time Machine with us in Hong Kong and Singapore to reach any music on any recorded medium. 

Chris Leung 

Happy Holidays from the AE Group!