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The pinnacle of the Exquisite series by Micha Huber that is exclusively available only at Audio Exotics. The extreme resolution of the exquisite series is further augmented by 24k gold wire aged for 50 years alongside a bronze bell chassis. The mechanical integrity is audibly translated into stability of every single note. The richness of tonality is further deepened without compromising transparency. Indeed, the top end is even more open at stable when tremendous treble energy is needed for soprano recording. Symphonic power is fully preserved at crescendo with kaleidoscopical tonal shades

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We had a fabulous session with Elliot Leung at Divin Lab sharing his composition journey of his seminal Metaverse Symphony No.1. He taught us how to appreciate symphonic music and shared so much in-depth music knowledge. We were so impressed and had learnt so much from him.  #audioexotics #elliotleung #symphony #classicalmusic