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Zanden Kaun

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The Zanden Kaun is a reference tube amplifier, delivering 100W of power for speakers that are difficult loads. The employment of a double push-pull circuit using 2 pairs of 211 tubes per channel, yields excellent control of all speakers. Tonal resolution is rich, and transient response is lightning-quick.  These are the reference tube amplifiers at Divin Lab, which have captivated acclaimed critics such as Roy Gregory and Alan Sircom.

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Barbie Theme Song: “What I was made for” by Billie Eilish via APL GR-DAC and JMF Audio PRS 1.5 preamplifier and HQS 6002 stereo amplifier through the custom Cessaro Qian Long speakers. #billieeilish #barbie #audioexotics #cessarohornacoustics #jmfaudio
Goebel Divin Nobleness (中神曲)with 岳飛 subwoofer. #audioexotics #goebelspeakers
Setting up a Legend - Akasu Elemento Analog Turntable by Lee Paul Dalby #audioexotics